If you are not aware of the wonder that is sex toys, then you are definitely in for a treat today ladies.

Sex toys have really taken off over the years and have become a staple in women’s lives all over the world.

One of the key reasons women should own and use sex toys is their ability to, as luxury sex toy company Blissful Cherry puts it, “fill the void of sex”.

In other words, instead of relying on a man to get you off, you can use a sex toy as an alternative – and an often superior alternative at that!

And while Blissful Cherry lists a large number of different types of vibrators to choose from, their clitoral vibrator is one of the best and most unique vibrators around.

According to Blissful Cherry, the clitoral vibrator is a sex toy that utilizes suction to stimulate the clitoris of a woman in such a way that it effectively recreates oral sex.

Yup, you read that right – with this nifty sex toy from Blissful Cherry, you have the ability to experience oral sex whenever you feel like it.

No man (or woman) required!

In fact, the full description of this product is a “clitoral (oral sex) vibrator” – which definitely gets straight to the point as to what this vibrator is intended to do.

This sex toy really works, and actually feels absolutely amazing! There are multiple suction intensity levels which are great for catering to each person’s individual tastes and preferences.

For those who are curious, the vibrator doesn’t need to only be used to “suck” on your clitoris – you can also use it to suck on your nipples, which feels just like the real thing as well.

Another great feature of Blissful Cherry’s clitoral vibrator are the little bumps on the inside of the suction head. These bumps are small pieces of silicone that add texture and more sensations overall. When you press the vibrator really hard against your clitoris or your nipple, you can really feel those bumps and it really makes a difference!

And for those of you that think that just having a vibrator that utilizes suction is not good enough, rest assured that this vibrator also has a regular vibration function too!

While the main end with the suction head is the main feature of the device, the handle itself vibrates too for a more typical approach to using sex toys. Although the handle isn’t particularly large compared to other sex toys, the fact that Blissful Cherry added it into their product was a very nice touch, especially for those who are trying to save a bit of money.

The product itself looks absolutely luxurious, with a smooth silicone material encompassing the entire vibrator, except for a shiny metal backing where the vibrator’s buttons are.

And if that all wasn’t enough, the vibrator’s charging port is concealed by the silicone material itself, making it waterproof too!

For those who are interested in buying this vibrator, keep in mind that the using the suction function for the first time may not be as easy as it seems. You must make sure to “seal” the vibrator nice and tight by making firm contact with your skin.

This is necessary to create an airtight seal, at which point you will really start to feel the suction and ultimately the amazing pleasure that comes with it!

Overall, the Blissful Cherry clitoral (oral sex) vibrator is truly something that every woman should look into, not only for women completely new to sex toys, but also for more experienced women who are looking for something new and exciting.

We at Kymerah definitely recommend it to all of our passionate readers!