If you are unhappy with your current lipstick choice, then you should definitely take the switch to this amazing option!

I cannot stress this enough, you will immediately fall in love with this shade!

The shade is slightly skin colored nude with just a touch of pink finish to add a beautiful gleam into the matte lipstick!

It is easy to apply with the angled tip, allowing the access to the lips even simpler than you could imagine!

You will immediately notice that your lips will become wider and fuller than ever, YOU are going to LOVE the way that your lips look movie picture perfect ALL day long!

Your lips will be softer than you have every noticed before, not to mention, the longer you use it the more hydrated your lips will be even without the lipstick actually on your lips in case you run out without being to re-up!

It look completely natural, you are going to love this look and so will everyone else, they will constantly be asking you where you got your lip shade because every woman wants this natural look!

It is great for year long use, it does not run or drip even in the hottest of heat and steamy conditions!

in the winter you are not going to have to worry about it getting dried out and cracking, it is truly one of the most versatile lipsticks that you are ever going to invest in!

You are not going to be disappointed, it stays on ALL day, I cannot stress enough how amazed I was with this products long lasting affect, you can eat, chew gum, use a straw and kissing is no longer a worry about transferring your shade to his lips!

The best part is, even with all day use, EVEN in the coldest weather, it is not going to dry your lips out or leave them feeling like a rough residue is laying over your mouth!

Your lips are not going to feel like something is pulling on them or like your mouth is taped up in an uncomfortable placement, I do not know about you guys, but there is so many different lipsticks I have tried over the years that make me feel like I just had plastic surgery once it dries!

If that is something that you have found yourself struggling with, you will NOT have to worry about it when you are using this lipstick!

This lipstick is long lasting, what I mean when I say that, is a little bit of this magical stuff goes a hell of a long way!

But, even with that being said, naturally, you are going to love it so much that of course, it is going to be your new go-to lipstick and you might want to think about getting two when you order, especially if you are the kind that waits to replace things until the last minute because TRUST me you are not going to want to be even a single day without this lip shade!

Over all it is great quality for the price, yes, it is a little more expensive than a drug store shade, but it is defiantly worth it, if you are planning on purchasing it online, you will be happy to see that the shipping is extremely fast and you will get to use your new favorite lip shade in no time!