Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect leggings, look no further, this brand has so many options, colors, fabrics and your styles are endless!

If you are anything like me, you are going to take one look at their site and fall in love!

I ended up getting the speed up tight brand, they have three different beautiful color options green, black and red!

The material is not only extremely comfortable along the skin, especially when you are sweating or working out, they are really breathable!

I cannot stress enough how amazing these are for every weather condition as well as all activities these are truly going to be your every single day go to leggings!

In the winter the softness of the main material is warm enough to make any outfit work without having to suffer in the cold because of it!

In the summer, even on some of the hottest days in Texas, you can wear these and not have to worry about dying even in the color black, thankfully, because of the breathable area on the outer sides of the leg that run from the thigh to the upper calf!

These are going to be one of the best investments you make when it comes to leggings, they are long lasting, durable and do not get stuck on things or in the washer that causes the material on normal leggings to become frayed or snagged on something as you put them through the washing cycle or when you are going about your daily activities!

They sit higher on your waist, making you feel more confident when you are wearing them in a more active setting, that way you do not have to worry about constantly having to pull them up!

Not to mention, the fabric is not thin so you will not have to worry about the back of the leggings wearing out fast, we all know how uncomfortable it is to be wearing your favorite pair of leggings and be able to see through them, ouch!

Thankfully with these that is something that you will not have to worry about!

Yes, they are a tad bit expensive compared to other brands of leggings which you would be able to pick up at a local retail store, but TRUST ME, you are going to absolutely love these, they are worth every single penny and yet more!

Not only am I completely happy with my order and would recommend them to anyone, but they lasted me long enough that if I was to go with another brand, I would have probably had to spend the same amount of money by this point to buy more from the other stores due to lack of quality, that is why I am telling you that you need to go out right now and get yourself a pair!

Plus, BONUS, while you are shopping for yourself do not forget to look at the children and the mens sections as well!

That is right, you can get a pair of these amazing leggings for every single person in your family to enjoy!